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1 - 5 users, 1 TB storage, 2000 images per year
5-20 users, 2TB storage, 5000 images per year
10 TB, more than 20 000 images per year
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What is included

Product handling Starter Professional Enterprise
Product data handling Keep your products available in Apport for brands, with data such as color, department, brand etc
Operational dashboards and overview Easy access to relevant information at a glance
Styling on the go A unique feature to style your photo shoots easy on an ipad and save which products are depicted in a shoot with the touch of a button
Customizable Dashboards and reports Personalize dashboards for relevant and effective information
Print orders Print your orders and email them directly to anyone.
Smart production planning The basics of a controlled production workflow. Order photos with pre-commenting, group them by projects, assign productions steps to users and more
Dynamic workflows and tasks Customize Apport for Brands to suit your productions process
Industrial standards metadata Support for Adobe Photoshop, Dublin Core, IPTC Core, XMP basic, and other popular metadata formats. Capture One and Adobe Bridge panels ensure metadata syncs with other applications.
Customizable metadata Customizable data to describes an asset for purposes such as discovery and identification. It can include elements such as title, abstract, author, and keywords.
Advanced Filters, facets and search Use filter combination to narrow down content to specific orders. Powerful search capabilities can find one picture in a million almost instantly. Save frequent queries so it's easy to find anything and everything.
Notifications Notifications contain messages that may request users to take some type of action and/or provide users with information.
Rating and tagging Apply industry standard ratings (including select, kill, stars) and more to images
Retouch instructions Draw shapes and lines directly on any image to instruct changes and add text comments for retouchers.
Tracking All asset level actions are recorded, so there is no wondering who rated, downloaded, or approved what.
Files and Delivery
Access control and security management Your data is only accessible by the users you specify and access is encrypted, storage is secured through our third party vendor
Version handling Version handling of your files to give the users a synchornixed view of the lates version as well as ability to look at earlier versions of the data, should it be necessary
Retention period  The duration of time for which the assets should be retained before being purged 1 mon 3 mon 3 mon
Flexible media delivery formats Select and optimize delivery format for your assets
Flexible media delivery naming of files Create easy-to-use delivery file names based on product- and metadata
FTP delivery service Delivery of approved assets and metadata to a standard FTP server
CET Office hours Priority Mail Support
CET Office hours Phone support

Product data integration; Integration with your PIM / Product data system, Dynamic metadata We can integrate directly with your PIM/product data system, or via a file protocol to make sure that the product data is always up to date in Apport for brands. This also enables feature such as cratoin of standard photo orders when new products arrives etc
Samples extension: Sample management + bar code scanning + labels Keeping track of all physical products in a large photo production is not easy. Samples enables you to keep track of these in the system, label them with a QR barcode for easy access throuch a bar code scanner or smartphone, and also bundle smaples into bags for easy tracking on photo trips and easy customer documentation etc
Automated delivery; integration with your DAM/web system We can integrate with your specific DAM system/Web shop directly to cut even more administration, decreate time to market and control the upload of images and metadata from Apport for brands directly
Retouch extension The Retouch Extension helps you run in-house retouch operations in an efficient manner. Retouch extension gives each retoucher a clear view of the photos they are assigned to and what tasks to perform for each photo.
Upgrade package (1 TB)/5 users) Available on request
Extended support hours Available on request
Extended retention period Available on request

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