Photo Studio Extension

The Photo Studio Extension helps you run in-house photo studios in an efficient manner.

Photo studio time is expensive. You don't want to spend it chasing items, people or dealing with matters you could have sorted out beforehand. And after a full day in the studio with thousands of photos, are you always certain that you have taken the ones you need? All items and all angles? Is the quality of each photo meeting expectations? We know that these are common questions that can be difficult to answer.

Apport for Brands in combination with the Photo Studio Extension makes the most out of your studio time. You get all the information you need to start shooting, what to photograph, in which angels, against what backgrounds and in how many variations. Each photo is instantaneously connected to the correct metadata and automatically uploaded to the system. This enables you to have a studio session without unwanted interruptions, where everyone involved can focus on what matters.

Our product also supports flexible photo sessions where more decisions are left to the photographer. It is easy to input what you shoot just before you press the trigger and let the system connect the photos to the metadata.

When combining the Photo Studio Extension with the Samples Extension, identifying items in the studio will no longer be a problem.

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