Production Manager

If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your photo production, Apport for Brands is the product for you. It supports you in every part of the process, from the very first planning to final approval of photos. As a production manager you get the capability to easily structure the entire production chain and follow it in real time. You quickly assign tasks and deadlines both internally and to external suppliers and when something deviates from plan you will immediately get an alert. The level of transparency you get from Apport for Brands will make it easier to handle parallel productions and interdependencies than ever before.

Apport for Brands handles the complexity of photo production at scale by helping everyone involved to collaborate efficiently. Below you find a summary of how our product can support your team in different parts of the process.

Sample Management

  • Helps you manage the objects you are to photograph.
  • Connects the items to all your systems using barcodes.
  • Scans barcodes along the process.
  • Keeps track of the items and alerts if something deviates from plan.
  • Connects the items to metadata.
  • Minimizes costly human error.


  • Helps the stylist to create looks.
  • Delivers assignments to the stylist.
  • Work unconstrained with tailor made iPad App.
  • Adapted to a visual focus.
  • The stylist completes the work in the app.


  • Structure the production chain and follow it in real time.
  • Assign tasks and deadlines, internally and for suppliers.
  • Get alerts when something deviates from plan.
  • Handle parallel productions and interdependencies.
  • Makes photo production at scale easy.


  • Helps organize all preparations.
  • Provides check lists.
  • Clarifies what to prepare and when, for example items to photograph and studio rigging.
  • Saves expensive studio time.

Photo Shoot

  • Makes the photo shoot more efficient.
  • Removes uncertainties.
  • Automated upload of photos.
  • Photos instantly connected to correct metadata, reducing errors and manual work.
  • Everyone can spend their time on what adds value.

Photo Selection

  • Makes selection easier.
  • Supports a drill down process using ratings, groupings and detailed comparisons.
  • Rich metadata allows grouping based on attributes such as model, item, page number etc.
  • Effortless delivery to retouch handled by the system.
  • All photos remain available.


  • Makes retouch quicker.
  • Simplifies work allocation and progress tracking.
  • One click access to relevant instructions, references and files.
  • Effective customer communication.
  • Strong support for automation.

Photo Approval

  • Increased first time approval rate.
  • Smooth quality control with brief and references available.
  • Enables fast corrections when needed.
  • Automatic delivery of photos and metadata.

Apport for Brands gives you the photos you want, with the speed and efficiency you need.

Apport for Brands consists of a base product and a number of extensions in order to provide a perfect fit for each customer. It allows you to work with suppliers for all or individual parts of a production, while still retaining control and ownership of assets and data. You can find more information about the extensions here;

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