Retouch Extension

The Retouch Extension helps you run in-house retouch operations in an efficient manner.

Apart from having artistic talent, retouch work requires you to be detail oriented and highly organized. You need to keep track of large streams of photos, files and know in which part of the retouch process each individual file resides. This is a challenge even for a single retoucher and at scale additional challenges will follow. For instance, how do you make sure that the color will be the same when 10 retouchers are involved in the same process?

Apport for Brands in combination with the Retouch Extension gives each retoucher a clear view of the photos to which they are assigned and what steps to perform for each photo. They are also given visual instructions and all required references, which is one of the unique capabilities of our product. It is easy to follow the progress in real-time, both for the retoucher, production manager and other stakeholders. The Retouch Extension also reduces the amount of repetitive work, like creating delivery files in different formats, allowing the retouchers to focus on the actual retouching.

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