Samples Extension

The Samples Extension helps you manage and keep track of items you are to photograph throughout the entire process.

Imagine you are tasked with taking photos of cutlery. Will everyone involved be able to differentiate between a teaspoon in midnight silver and one in roman silver? In practice this is often very difficult and a source of wasted time and resources. Adding the dimension of scale, for instance as a global fashion retailer, brings more challenges. Just finding items in a stock room the size of a retail shop can be difficult.

With the Samples Extension, you simply print a barcode from the system and attach it to the item. The barcode is then scanned as the item moves along the process. When scanning an item, you instantly know everything about it and its location is automatically updated in the system. This minimizes human error and makes it easy to track items over time. You can even get alerts of missing items before you miss them.

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